Thursday, September 6, 2012


Since I am an ultra runner, I am tapering for my 50K.

This means, I am not running Thursday and Friday, before the event.

I am working too many days lately.  I read a post on FB, about how the weather for the Groundhog 50K. 

"Oh pshaw, "  I thought. "It's too soon to be thinking about the weather, it will change by next weekend.."

Hey there!  Ooops, I remembered, wow, the race is actually this Saturday.  So the weather forecast-now a high of 70 degrees, and maybe 70% percent chance of rain-has me all giddy.  That's what 95% humidity and 90 degrees does to an East Coast runner.  I will love it if the temperature drops AND it rains all day. That would suit me fine.  (It would suck for the volunteers though  :(  )

So I am leaving for "The Weather Capital of the World" after work tomorrow.  I will miss the spaghetti dinner where Phil makes a special guest appearance.   I am pretty stoked about my return trip to the Groundhog 50K course, it's been a few years!

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  1. Have fun Kimba! Hope it's a great day for you on trail.


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