Saturday, September 1, 2012

Welcome September!

Now that Ugly August is over, it's time to get things back to normal.  Back to working on my speedwork project, and to establish some sort of a running schedule, meaning blocking out when my long runs/races are.

I don't typically run that many organized races these days.  But maybe this fall, I will look into somewhat local 5Ks-or even 10ks-for the speedwork option.  I think I am doing fine with the "endurance" side of the equation.

Speaking of speedwork, today I am at Coopers Rock State Forest, West Virginia, running a trail 10K, the "Stump Jump". 

I've run some of the trails at Coopers Rock before.  Depending on what trails they use for the 10K, it could be somewhat of a technical trail run,  Or not.

My usual 10K around the block here (which is actually 6.4 miles) is 1.20, so hopefully I can go 1.10? 1.05? On legs that just ran a 50 miler the weekend before?  We shall see.

Well, I am not at Coopers Rock.  A co-worker had a death in the family, so I offered to work for her Saturday so she could get tasks done that she needed to do.

Back to the "life's too short" musing.  I have got a few activities that I want to accomplish;  items that have been on the burner, and it's time I got to working on them.

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