Sunday, October 21, 2012

Alone Ponderings

I'm back home now, from my aborted 100 mile solo attempt.

This is not a race report, or even a 'run report' as they are not allowed.  I will just share some observations on my nice day out on the The Wild Oak Trail, or TWOT, as it is affectionately known.   Some of you might be familiar with the trail, either from the TWOT events, or from Grindstone.  From the map above, you run the Grindstone course from around mile 9 to zero, and then from mile 27 up to around Little Bald Knob and then take off for Reddish Knob, I believe.

I am pretty fearless.  But one of my biggest fears, in trail running, is getting hurt and being all by myself--which is how I run most of my trail runs, just for the simple fact of where I live.

I've run in the daylight and at night by myself in various state parks close to me, and it's never really bothered me.  But these places were much closer to population.  Both parks I run in, it's not that far to the nearest road.  But this area in Virginia is far more remote.

That is what kept me from going on.  I tried hard to convince myself, in the last two miles of Loop One.  But ultimately, I just didn't want to .  That alone factor did me in.

Now I did run a night loop alone at TWOT last winter, but Slim was also on the course, we crossed paths (we were running opposite directions) and he was waiting for me to run Loop 3, so that was entirely different. 

I will say this solo attempt was not my wisest decision, perhaps I would have been better off with the solo attempt at Mohican instead of Virginia, but I had the free four weekend, so  I thought, why not?

So concludes my official running season of 2012.  It was a little strange and different, with the Hardrock trip and attempt.

Hardrock is not on the calendar for 2013, as I am not entering the lottery (I promised my husband I would not--yes it IS killing me...).

"If you always do what you have always done,  you'll always get what you always got"

I am looking forward to improving as a runner for 2013.  Doing things a bit differently I hope.  MMT is going to be my "A" Race for 2013.  Do things a bit different, so I change up-speed up!-the results for 2013!


  1. 2013 is just around the corner, isn't it? Exciting, indeed!

  2. I think giving it a shot was awesome, but I agree with it being a little too risky/creepy to probably do it totally solo. If I new another runner was going to meet me between each loop for accountability, that would be another thing. I do think a solo 100 is an awesome goal though, so if you have a satellite beacon, or something, you should do it! If you can make yourself run 100 miles with no reward, no crowd, other than just personal mental gotta be able to do anything!

    Keep up your awesome motivation through the off season so you can wow us all again in 2013 Kimba!!!


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