Saturday, October 13, 2012

Another Good Run

Another good run on the bike trail near work yesterday afternoon.

  I got out of work a little bit early, the weather was nice-chilly but sunny.  I had a variety of clothes in my duffel bag, I will have to remember this.  Keep an assortment of clothes, so you have no excuse!
 I chose shorts and a long sleeved shirt.

The legs felt good, not heavy, on the first mile.  Started to try and make an effort on mile two.

On the turnaround, I made a concerted effort to keep the pace up.

Mile four, I was all about increasing the pace.


Mile 1 10.13
Mile 2 10.02
Mile 3 9.30
Mile 4 9.05

Negative splits baby!  (See, I do know what that term means..)

It was good to have energy after work.  Running in the daylight hours also helps.  I'm cognizant that this won't be happening in the near future!

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