Monday, October 15, 2012

Another Good Run

I feel like I've had so little energy the last couple of weeks that these runs, where I do have energy and feel great, feels a bit abnormal.  Here's hoping I'm getting my body back to where it *should* be.

10K around the block (actually 6.4 miles) in pics:

Our fall foliage is probably at its peak or just past.

Up the hill, the Gump dogs live at the top

The pic doesn't do the colors justice, this was dead in front of me on the road

Our of them


Ran the 6.4 miles in 1.14, about six minutes faster than average.  I wasn't pushing it much,  only on one good downhill, I glanced at the Garmin and picked up the pace, no reason not to run fast downhill!!

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