Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Good Run, Slow Time

I woke up well rested this morning after 8 hours of sleep!

I waited until daylight to go run. I'm going to be running soon enough in the dark all the time.  I checked the outside temperature-to my surprise, it was 59 degrees!  Okay, shorts and short sleeves today!

My it was humid, as it had rained over night, just felt like a typical Ohio summer day out there.

My lower back was really tight today, I must have slept funny.  It was quite painful for the first mile, and that mile was slow, as I even stopped to try and stretch it out.

Then Scooter the dog joined me at the top of a hill (that I ran up!) and mile 2 was kind of slow.  Imagine a bloodhound poking at your legs, crossing in front of you, biting your arm (gently).  I had to just keep scolding him and telling him to run.

The body warmed up and I ran up most of the hills, just walked the two biggest ones.  But the hour beeped on me, before the Amish farm, and I was kind of surprised, I felt I was going faster.

I finished in 1.22, so just a few minutes slower than my "average" 1.20 for 6.4 miles, so I think I put some more energy into those last two miles.  Good run today.  I'm going to work at getting some more sleep this week too.

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  1. Sleep is soooooo good.

    I am giggling just picturing the antics of Scooter.


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