Thursday, October 18, 2012

I am Here

I have cell coverage at the trail head.

The aid is stashed. I was surprised to see the campers along the road. Big difference between October and February. Hey there might even be people out here this weekend!
I am snuggled up on my vehicle. It's not even 7pm but it is dark. I'm going to finish my beer and go to sleep. Even if I wake up at 5am, I will get a good long night of sleep.
I will need to rearrange my vehicle in the morning, so my return trips will be organized.
I still wonder how I get myself into these things. All will be well. The colors are gorgeous here right now.
Okay, signing off until later!!!!


  1. very kewell most modest godess. will be fun hearin about it when you done. Injoy !


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