Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Just Jump In

So the schedule called for 6 mile run, on my 9am-7 pm work shift.

I really hate to work the 9-7, or try and fit a workout in on this day.  Cuz the work shift just sucks up just most of the day.  I feel like I am trying to eat two meals on this shift (with only one lunch break.)

It was up to me to fit this 6 mile run in.  I elected to do it pre-work, in the morning.

That meant I had to get out the door by 615am by the latest, so I could be back about 715 am, and still shower and eat.

I had already packed and pre-journalled my food on WW for the day.  Yes, some days you have to be uber organized.

I also had my kit ready to go.  Tights, merino wool shirt, rain jacket, gloves, headlight, Zune.

I woke up, drank some coffee, surfed my emails and the interwebs, and kept an eye on the time.

Then I donned my gear; sync'd the Garmin, started the Zune.

I did not check the temperature outside; I could already hear the rain.

I was actually a bit overdressed but I didn't really start to overheat until mile 4 or so.

This all took part in the dark.  I took a bit of solace that Slim used to (??) run regularly in all sorts of weather, at     530 or 6 am with Val.

I also had a reflective vest on over my rain jacket.  I did not encounter many cars out there, especially coming at me (where I jumped well off the road). 

It was a slow run, and it did stress me, I could feel it later in the day, in my shoulders and neck.  Next early morning run, I will just run my normal 6.4 miles on the backroads without cars.

After I showered and had breakfast and vaulted outside to get to work, I was struck how nasty and cold the morning was. 42 degrees and raining.  Same conditions I had run in, one hour or so prior.

Very pleased that I had just dove into the run, no whining, no excuses, just execute the run!

I am also very happy that tomorrow is an OFF day, with the rains moving into our region!

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  1. Had my first cold rain run last night. Ack! But it makes us strong mentally, right?

    You are awesome getting it all done in that day. Go Kimba!


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