Saturday, October 6, 2012

Labradoodle Attack

I finally decided on a route and got out on some roads here in the neighborhood I haven't been on, in a long time.  In fact, one of the dirt roads was one I ran in training, regularly, for my first marathon. 

It was another gorgeous fall day out there.  A bit windy, so chilly, but I worked the short sleeved shirt and the Moeben sleeves again.

View from local cemetery, top of the hill

I'm running down this road, and some dogs erupt into barking.  This labradoodle tears through his yard, through the woods, to challenge me on the road.

I guess he/she may have had their hackles up, but I can't tell, because it's a labradoodle.

Is a labradoodle just a mutt with a fancy name?  I mean, I have a Rottweiler/Chow mix dog; but I don't call him a Chowweiller, or a RottChow.  Perhaps I will now.  "Rottchow" with a little bit of attitude.

I go into my "hey nice doggy" speak but keep backing across the road (I had already moved across the road when the barking commenced.)  The owner came out of the house and the dog(s) eventually retreated to their driveway.

The only problem with running this route is the last two miles, which is on the state route that I live on, where everyone drives about 70 MPH, and there is no berm, the white line is the edge of the blacktop.  Still a good little run.

Followed by some slacklining fun:

See, I'm not that good at it yet

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  1. Well that is a nice little story and the most funny part of it was the the dog chase.


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