Tuesday, October 16, 2012

OMG This is close!

Wheee...I leave on Thursday morning.  I hope to have everything packed and sorted and ready to go.

I'm going to go run a solo 100 miles on Friday. Well, the loop is actually 26 miles, but who is counting..

And it will take me more of Friday, well all day Friday, all day Saturday, I should finish up in the wee hours of Sunday.  That will give me time to crawl back into my vehicle, and sleep for a good few hours until attempting the drive home (six hours.)

It now looks like I will not be totally alone for 48 hours. Quatro has a tail-gating date somewhere in the area on Saturday, and knows there is nothing like sleep deprivation to really hustle that tail-gating buzz on, so he is joining me for my 3rd loop, which will be in the late (or early hours) on Saturday.

This news has really settled me down somewhat.  Just knowing I should have company, out there, at some point, reassures me.

Also, Eva P might come out on Friday. Now Eva loves this trail.  Eva is also the MMT winner of the last few years.  Her pace and my pace do not exactly match up.  But hey, if Eva accompanies me, I bet that will get my butt to speed up a little bit more than usual!

My gear and food is kind of ready.  I need to stuff the clothing options into bags, and sort the food stuffs.

I will have two food caches on the trail ( a road is near by) and then my vehicle. So, three aid stations.

The weather is looking excellent-high of 65, low of 42 for both Friday and Saturday.

Nothing to do except execute.!!!!


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