Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Scared To-Do List

 I don't know if I ever posted this?

This is not original from me, although I have long since lost where I clipped it from...

Fair game for the Scared To-Do List:
  • Something you’d like to do, even once….if it wasn’t so scary.
  • Something you wish you could do…if you had the guts.
  • Something that would make a huge difference in your life…if you just did it.
  • Something that intrigues…but yet, intimidates you.
  • or simply, stuff you put off…too scary.
You get the idea.

What is on your scared To-Do List?

1 comment:

  1. My scared to do list:

    MMT 100 scares the snot out of me but I still wanna (probably die) do it.

    Major life changes that I know would give me a happier life but won't ever happen since they are sure to only make ME happier.


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