Tuesday, October 9, 2012


The word for the day is "trepidation."

A piece of advice?  If you are planning on running 100 miles, all by yourself,  self-supported, all alone,
don't watch 127 Hours 11 days out.

I am sure everyone knows what I am talking about, Aron Ralston who, after getting trapped in a canyon when a boulder shifted and trapped his arm, after six days he cut off his own arm and then got himself out of the canyon and saved his own life.

I had read most of the book-I had to skip the part where he actually cut his arm off-but had never seen the movie until now.

Well, I had to kind of fast forward past the arm cutting scene, but it was a powerful movie.

It kind of creeped me out.  It has me thinking of all these various scenarios on what could happen to me out there.

This feeling has come and go. While at work yesterday, I had perked up and was back on doing this project 100%.  It's just hiking in the woods.  People hike in the woods, they travel up and down the AT and PCT, all I am doing is 4 loops on the same section of trail!

While I might be all by myself, I do plan on leaving-emailing-several folks with my plan-folks that would know exactly where I will be, having been on the trail.  I will find out what county I am in and put the sherrif department phone number in my phone.

I will carry my phone. I  had cell coverage at the trailhead, so I want to post an update of  some sort of each loop, to keep me accountable.

This is actually the biggest worry I have always had with being a solo trail runner.  It's the idea of injury, that can change your definition of fun for the day and turn it into something different.

Just because I am scared doesn't mean I shouldn't do it.  And besides, the scared feeling comes and goes...

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