Sunday, November 4, 2012

Big Foot Loop

My friend bailed on me for the Salt Fork run today, so I went out solo.

It was a quiet day at the park, seemed like just me and one boater out on the water.

I got the new Mountain Masochists out of the closet.  I had purchased these in the summer, but have not worn them yet.  This 10 mile loop seemed like a good time to test them out.

 It was a good run out there.  I was a bit tired on the run.  I ran six days this past week, and I think my legs and body are still just absorbing this increase.

There was a race on this loop yesterday and I was expecting big mud.   Although it rained for most of the week, there really were not big patches of mud.  Our area has been in a drought and the water was pretty much absorbed by Mother Earth.

In one area on the Purple Bridle Loop, the derecho storm of late June had downed trees.  Some of the downed trees lay in a portion of trail that was big mud pits, so the new trail blazed around it is actually better, not a mud pit at all.  Sometimes the natural landscaping takes care of itself.

I could feel my bronchioles just a bit as I finished up, I had a little bit of an asthmatic cough.   The humidity is decreasing along with the temperature. I guess it is time to break out the inhaler for the winter running.  I was kind of hoping that since my breathing was fine in CO in the altitude, it wasn't going to be an issue any longer.  I am going to be pro active and careful with this!

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  1. Breathing issues are never fun.
    Looks like a lovely trail!


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