Thursday, November 8, 2012

Buck Run

This big guy was just at the start of the trail.  Meaning he was right by the Lodge and in the "no hunting" zone. Smart guy..At least a six point buck, maybe eight.  His rack curved way out from his head, very symmetric.

I made sure not to get too near.  Rutting season has begun and the males get very aggressive.

14 miles on the calendar today.  It is both funny and sad that a run in the daylight is now considered "a treat".

And a trail meander is even more so of a treat.

I followed the Bigfoot 50K route backwards, then hopped over to follow the Purple Bridle Trail.  I was curious to see whether the mileage in my head was accurate (I've run all over these trails for the last few years.) 

Garmin confirmed my estimates.  I then took off down the Yellow Hiking Trail, a one mile loop.  That spun me back out at the campground road, and I figured 2-3 miles back to the Lodge on the first green, then purple, then Bigfoot route.

14.5 miles, not a bad guesstimate.  The first 9 miles were good, and I was pretty slow the last 4, probably due to being so exuberant in the first 9 miles, leaping over logs and such!

The next three days are working...and running.  I've tried to get all my gear and food ready to go, to keep to my training schedule.  This is kind of a little test for me.  I usually "take off" the weekend when I have to work. Now I am not.  It will be interesting to see whether this was more mind over matter.

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