Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hard as a Rock

 Today was a progressive run. Meaning run each mile a little faster than the next.  Meaning, negative split the run.

The weather was quite nice out today, sunny and warmish.

Although at 545 pm, with the sun going down, it wasn't quite so nice then, at 42 Degrees.

As I changed clothes at the trailhead, in the cold, I thought "time to go to work."   This was my time to work, my time to work the plan.

Lap 1  11.11
Lap 2 11.12
Lap 3 10.46
Lap 4 10.26
Lap 5 9.41
Lap 6  8.42

6 miles in 1.02!!!

A wee bit hard to guage pace in the dark. And a bit hard to do also, run each mile faster than the last.  I kept thinking I was increasing the pace,but glancing at the Garmin..hmm nope.

I increased the effort and felt like I was-actually I was- sprinting most of that last mile.

6 miles beeped out at me and I stopped.  Gasped for air, walked across the bridge.  Glanced at  Garmin. 6miles in 1.02.

AC-DC's "Hard as a Rock" came onto my Zune.  I did a little impromptu dancing down the trail. Dang, I felt good.  Endorphins flowed. 

Very good run.

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