Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Peaceful Run

When you get to run in the daylight AND it's sunny, it's a double bonus.

Today was a 5 mile run. I wanted to do it on more of the dirt road to keep the wear and tear off my body.

I went down Yellow Water Road, which descends into the creek bottom, where Yellow Water Creek is, then I climb back up on the other side of the valley, then back again.  So it's pretty hilly.

And so quiet on this road.  There are no houses on this road.  There is one lane to a hunting cabin, and there is one other hunting camper permanently ensconced on this road.  The road is not maintained October through May, hence it is more like a trail than a road.  When muddy, I would recommend 4-Wheel Drive to get up the road.

Despite doing exactly what I said I wanted to avoid doing-two runs back to back, that's exactly what I did. I ran last night at 545 pm, and then  this morning at 715 am.  With the work schedule, it's inevitable.

I did start using my Recoverite.  I had a serving promptly after running last night, and I drank a serving this morning once I returned.  I am also going to eat well today.

So I will see how I feel later today after work, hopefully I will not have the same crash and burn effect I had last week after these back to back runs.

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