Monday, November 12, 2012

Rain Run

I made it to mile 10 before the rain started.  Then I stopped listening to podcasts, and just turned on a music playlist, and stuck the Zune into a plastic baggie.

I had a fifteen miler on the agenda, and I went down some roads I have not run on in over a year.

I met some new dogs.  There were two huge handsome Rottweilers-in a nice fenced in yard.  I felt much safer saying hello to them with that fence between us.

It had already been a windy run.  But the rain started coming down, and now it was blowing sideways at me. I did have a rain jacket tied around my waist, but as the temperature was sixty degrees, I was really warm. 
I  only had five miles to go and figured as long as I was moving, I wouldn't get chilled.

The hamstrings started to tighten up after so many road miles. But I got the miles in, a pretty decent run, through some nice farmland.

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  1. Lovely barn photos. Way to get the miles in! Fenced in dogs are good, very good. :)


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