Friday, November 2, 2012

Road Mileage

I ran 5 miles last night, on the flat asphalt biking trail, then got up early this morning, out the door at 6am and ran six more on the roads around the house.

I paid for those 11 miles a bit today, at work, where I stand all day. My left knee hurt for awhile, and then it travelled into my left adductor muscle.  I hope to get trail miles in this weekend.

Everyone has heard the NYC Marathon was cancelled.  I believe it was the right call but on the WRONG DAY.  Very poor judgement on NYRR and the Mayor's Office.  I do agree wholeheartedly with this statement:

"we would not want a cloud to hang over the race or its participants..."

It's very tough to have a race yanked out from under you, I do empathize with all the runners who were so looking forward to this.  Maybe they can find another race this weekend, and then they can return and run the ING NYC 2013 Marathon without any misgivings or trepidation.

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