Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Treadmill Day Two

I know this is an oxymoron, but  I had a good treadmill run.

Who knew??????

Today's run was brought to you courtesy of a new reality TV show I found:

Farm Kings

Join the King Family of Freedom Farms as they battle the elements - and each other - to provide the Pittsburgh region with the very freshest produce possible.

Don't judge. Some of you watch Real Housewifes and Tosh 2.0.   I like to look at young farmer guys with their shirts off.  Ok, they don't even have their shirts off in most of the episode.

Okay, one episode and the start of another got me through 7 miles on the tread.

One of my issues on the tread is  I don't really start out very fast on it.  This morning, I started out walking-always good to warm up-but I cranked up the incline.  That got my leg turnover working better.  I then cover up the display, except for the MPH button.  I would then increase the speed by one .1 speed.  If it seemed too much, I backed down, then held it, then increased.

I uncovered the display and found I was at 5 miles already! Woohooo! Then I got all confused-was I supposed to go 7 or 8 miles?  Hmmm, I was pretty sure it was 7-heck, I'm almost done!

Best treadmill run I've had....since who knows when.

The husband came back into the house when I was almost done, I was happy to hear he bagged an eight point buck (the reason I'm running inside this week!) so there is fresh venison on the menu!!!


  1. I watch trash tv on my mill too. But your show sounds like good running inspiration. ;-)

  2. now that sounds like reality TV I can get behind. Gotta love the mill, for speed workouts and for inclines exactly as steep and as long you want them.

  3. I admire you! It's tough for me to knock out 2 miles on a dreadmil...I still owe you a loop at Salt Fork :) I started a running blog-come check it out!

  4. I usually set some kind of intervals on TM, either speed or hills, and then it goes very fast. Half-naked cute guys help too:)


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