Tuesday, December 18, 2012

18. When were you most scared?

Reverb Day 18: When were you most scared?

This is easy!!

Several times on the Hardrock Course.  When you read the HR manual, there are certain words in it: exposure, acrophobia.  You best really not be scared of heights to tackle HR.

Virginius Pass is about 13,000 feet.  We had scouted this part of the course prior to the race. I did not climb all the way up to Kroger's Canteen (the Aid Station is at the very summit of the peak) but the climb up was pretty gnarly.  And we were actually on the side where we would descend down, in the race.

Many years this is covered in snow, which makes it an easy slide down.  This year it was just a talus and scree field.

I really wanted to get to Virginius in the daylight, but I had to turn on my head lamp just before I hit the summit.

The rock star guys took care of me in the aid station; they pointed out the lights below (other runners) telling me of an approximate way to go down the mountain.

I started down on what I could kind of discern as a trail; the scree was loose.  I had both feet on the ground, my hands on the ground behind me, and occasionally, my butt would hit just for some added point of contact.  I just kept muttering to myself "take your time, take your time".

Having the other runners lights below did give me an idea on how to get down.   I got down two kind of vertical hangs, then the way became very steep.  Was I still taking the (more or less) correct way, or was this going to end in a drop off?  And if so, how am I going to climb back up this loose scree?

My heart is pounding, I'm going so slowly down this.  I go to the left a bit, and just slide down the scree. 

Whee! I'm at the bottom! Awesome ! I did not die!!!! That was great fun!!!!!!!!!!!

Recon days before the race

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