Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Running Post!

This is mainly a running blog,after all.

And I have been running! I ran 184 miles last month, a record for me.

Today's run was 7 miles. I got out of work a bit early.

I missed my exit on the highway for the bike trail I was going to run due to daydreaming.

So I got off at the next exit, headed for SF State Park.  I decided to run on the roads, even though it was the road down to the lake and back up.

Once parked and changed clothes, I decided to run on some different roads-I ran up to a picnic area,then I ran down the road to the primitive campground.  There was already a big "road closed" sign on the road at the primitive campground, so I now know this will be a good place to run.

The rain started within a half mile. I had no cap on, no visor on. So the rain just came down.

Did I mention it was dark?  I have this light on my head. So my world is reduced to a three foot circle. I can barely see, because of the downpour.

I keep on.  I'm soaked.  Through.  Top and tights.  Shoes.  I keep trying to see the humor in this. It's just so silly, so dumb,so epic, to be out in this...right?

I'm not feeling the love. It's not feeling particularly epic.  It's just wet, slow, slogging.

I glance at my Garmin.  Okay, I will go to mile 4.5 and turn around.

The rain turns it up a notch and the downpour gets harder.

SCREW IT.  I'm done. I turn around.  Now I am just interested in getting back to my vehicle and getting this soaked tech shirt off me.  I finally get to my vehicle, and get my wet shirt off and a dry shirt on.

I don't even have the usual "good feeling" endorphins after this run.  All I want now is to get home and get a warm bubble bath and a glass of wine.

I am mildly amused while driving home  how hard it is raining. 

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