Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Reverb: 12-12-12

A new reverb I just made up, in the spirit of 12-12-12.

12. I deal with people's birth dates, as an identifier, and it geeks me out a little bit, one patient is 8-9-10; another was like 3-8-38;  I always feel some sort of kindred spirit when I see another 1-6 out there and wonder what they are like.

11. Did the Mayans just get bored making their calendar?  Although I believe we have another 9 days left here on earth if the world does end on December 21.

10.  December 21 by what calendar? We've added, and lost, and revised so much of the calendar, who can tell what the original dates were.

9. I doubt the Pilgrims and Indians actually sat down on the last Thursday in November and broke bread together every year.

8. I do not see why we still do the Daylight Savings time gig.  You can tell me all you want how we save money, but I just don't see how.  Our Amish neighbors don't get up according to the clock, they awake with the sun rising and finish their chores with the sun setting.

7. I wonder if people born in 7-7-77 ever play that number in the lottery.

6. 6 pm is when the sun comes up! and the sun goes down in Grenada, 12 degrees North of the Equator.  So if you are going running, you best get that cup of (Cuban) coffee in, and get that run in before it gets too warm. 
Nothing beats sitting at the bar, on Mourne Rouge, watching the abrupt path of the sun disappear.  It's much better too if you are drinking a Rum Punch.

5.  Five seems to be my "minimum" run distance these days.

4. Someone born in 4-4-44 would now be 68 years old. They would have missed WW2, and  Korea, but definitely would have been in the middle of the Vietnam Era.  They would have just missed being a baby boomer by a few years.

3.  Three is the Magic Number. Does anyone remember Blind Melon, on Schoolhouse Rock?

2.  Oh wait, as I Googled 12-12-12 maybe the world is ending today, not December 21.  But back to the inaccurate calendars, do we really know???

1. I guess people will have to stop with their weddings and births now, since we don't really have a 13-13-13..although we do have a 1-3-2013....

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  1. Numbers. Always fascinating and mysterious.

    I find it interesting (and a bit silly) how any event (snow that closes roads for 24 hours, for instance) is claimed to cause a loss of several million dollars to the economy just because people stayed home and didn't buy stuff. It seems kind of pathetic that we look at it that way. Because probably, they'll spend that money anyway, just not on that day and maybe not for the exact same things (ie the bus/the corner bakery for lunch/a drink at the bar after work.


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