Monday, December 17, 2012

Reverb Day 17: Action

 Action: When it comes to aspirations, it's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen. What's your next step?

Making ideas happen.  This is a tough one. I've always got something percolating in my head.

My newest idea? Become the first female from Ohio to complete the Grand Slam.

The Grand Slam of Ultrarunning consists of Western States, Vermont, Leadville, and Wasatch in one calendar year.

I was idly looking at the WS lottery entrants, and I just saw very few females from Ohio even entering.  Then I did some research (that meant asking Slim, and he did the research) and that got my "bra burning feminist self"  (not my words, probably Wrong-Way's) sensibilities all stimulated and in an up roar.

So I have decided that next year, I will enter the Western States 100 lottery.  Which is the first step.  Anymore, with so many lottery entrants for WS, if you get in, you might as well attempt the Slam.

Now, the only race out of the four that I am interested in running is Wasatch. But if I got into WS,  I think I could garner up enough enthusiasm.  That's a huge amount of commitment for all four races.
And it would depend, if I could get the time off from work.
And get selected in the lottery.

I doubt this is a goal for next year, due to the lottery chances. But I am going to throw it out there, put it on the "to do" list.  No, not a bucket list, it's just a "to do" list.

BUT if you gave me a WS entry, guaranteed, vs a Hardrock entry, I would throw that over for Hardrock  in a heartbeat.

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