Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Reverb Day 4: Time

4. Time: Time is a valuable resource. Did you spend 2012 wisely? What can you do to maximize your time during 2013?

Of course I did not spend 2012 wisely. I frittered away too much time on Facebook and Twitter.  I procrastinated before my runs, dawdling on the computer, then rushing to get out the door when I needed to.

I may be better organized, time-wise, than some folks.  I always pack my lunch. Sometimes that is together the night before, but many times I am doing it right before work.

You know, you can toss together a kick ass salad in fifteen minutes. Knowing what you've got to eat in the frig is the first step.

I'm horrible at knowing what is in the frig.  So now we have two whiteboards:

80 refers tot he 80 lbs of venison off the 8 point buck last week

The main foodstuffs on the left, the right usually contains my snacky food.. sometimes I write my lunch on the board so I remember to take everything that is pre-packaged up.

 If you are going to work out after work, you've got to have your stuff with you.  This means all your clothing, your shoes, your gear.  I leave for work with a duffel bag and my lunch bag, purse, usually a bottle of water and a green smoothie, it looks like I am off to the airport for some long trip.

I have been training very consistently this month of November, and I plan and expect this to carry through the spring, when my spring goal race is.  So time management is of the utmost importance.  A few things:

I need to get my training in.

I also need to spend quality time with my husband and dogs.  They can't be neglected down this path.

My husband mentioned how well I was doing with the training and how proud he was of me.  That made me feel good.  So I do try and hang out at home as much as possible.

BUT I have found I also need my peeps, my running community. I spent alot of September and October close to home, running.  Which was fine, but after so many WEEKS of running all by myself, I needed to get around people.

 Last weekend and this weekend, I ran with friends.  That made the time and miles go by so much easier.

So, it needs to be a balance of all of the above.  Back to prior planning.  I know my running schedule ahead of time, also my work schedule. So the odd kicker is the social life.

This is where Facebook actually comes in handy.  It's made it very easy to connect with other runner friends on a daily basis, and to meet up.  (So all that Facebook time is not wasted!! :) )


  1. Husband time is crucial, as is Friend time! I pack my lunch too, and thought I had some pretty great food but looking at your list I am impressed! Did you make the biryani and all the other good dishes??

  2. The hubs makes all the food stuffs!

    I have to give out a shout out for a new combination: we used the jerked spices on the sweet potatoes. It was awesome! A new favorite!


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