Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Reverb Day 5: Health

5. Health: How did you treat your body this year? You only get this one vessel one time around. How will you treat your body next year?

Health: I treat my body pretty well.  I eat rather well, I exercise on a *fairly consistent basis*  (I'm being facetious here).  I have awesome test results:  low HR, excellent BP, low cholesterol, low triglycerides.

But I had a very big good health scare in August.

I detected a lump in my breast.

There is nothing like that sinking feeling in the world.

After ONE MONTH, of mammograms and ultra sounds and faulty communication,  I was finally cleared to be okay. Or, in the words the radiologist: "it's probably benign"

Do you want to hear THAT word, "probably???"

Two things.

Check your breasts. Did I do that, every month, regularly, like I was supposed to?

NOPE.  Ask any female in the US.  She'll say the same thing.  After you feel a lump in your breast?


Actually, I had two cysts in my breast.  The large one, the one I detected?  Probably just due to trauma-like falling, hitting a tree, random stuff that could have happened to me during my trip out West to Hardrock.  This was the one the surgeon excised and deemed 'everything' was okay.  I personally didn't even feel the second lump.  That was the one was doctor felt after I made the doctor appointment for the "big lump" I had felt.  

Second thing:  Insist on exams. Doctor's exams.  Mammograms.  Ultrasounds.  These should not be put off. This is more to help your peace of mind that any thing else. Many lumps (most lumps) fall into the benign (not cancer) category.  But until you know, you won't have peace. OR at least I didn't have peace.

What I will do in 2013?

Monitor my breasts.  Make a mental note to talk to my doctor about the moles on my face, to get a dermatologist referral-I have a few moles that seem to have grown over time.

Continue eating well. Fuel myself with real food not processed chemicals.

Continue to work out. Natch!


  1. Good resolutions. Health is everything, isn't it?

  2. Good things can come out of what seems bad. Thank heavens everything was okay for you. Great to be remind to focus on all parts of our health.


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