Monday, December 10, 2012

Reverb: Day Ten

Lesson Learned : What was the best thing you learned about yourself this past year? And how will you apply that lesson going forward?

I think the biggest lesson I learned was to have confidence, and believe in myself.

It took me a long time to have self confidence in myself as a runner.  For me to declare, a finishing time for the 2011 MMT, took alot. It was all mental.  Just because I was declaring "I will finish MMT, in XX of hours" did not mean I was being cocky or bragging.  It was hard to get to that place.

For MMT 2012, it was more low key. Barring big problems, (a 100 miles is a long race) I was confident I would finish the race. Finish the race is always #1 goal.  Then you work on the smaller goals, like what kind of time you think you could finish in.

For Hardrock 100, I was always being the eight ball.  I knew many people did not think I could finish it.  I had doubts myself I could finish it.

And that's what did me in.  Deep down, I had doubts. I didn't want to discuss them, even with myself. But since I didn't have that core confidence-well, that didn't set me up that well for race day. 

I made alot of pretty rookie mistakes for a graduate level race.  But I am okay with that.   I know alot more about what Hardrock now entails. 

If, one year from now, my name is selected for the Hardrock 2014 race, I will have the confidence to say, I know what I need to do, to train, and I can finish that race (barring the usual 100 issues.)

I just learned the results for the MMT lottery for 2013, and it appears I am in.  That is reassuring, so I don't have to sit out in "wait list" limbo.

 I've got big goals for MMT 2013, which is worth a blog post in itself.  But I do have the confidence now, to say, I am pretty sure (barring the usual 100 mile issues/maladies) that I should be able to train for this race, and meet my goals.

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