Monday, December 3, 2012

Reverb12: Day Three

3. What Matters Now: Think about the here and now. What matters most to you right now? How are you going to nurture what matters in during 2013?

The first priority that comes to mind is my health.  I had a rather important health scare in August, and when that happens to you-the bottom just falls out.  Nothing else seems (or is) important.

I ran with my friend Ron today, and we touched on this very subject.  He told me a little story, about some very wealthy men that lived in the same town as him. They always had the nicest, most luxurious automobiles around town.  He saw them, somewhere local, like a grocery store.  They knew Ron as the man "who ran."  Well, these nice automobiles now powered these wealthy men-to their appointments at the hospital.  They regretted not paying attention to their health while younger. And while they had the money and the nice toys, they weren't healthy enough to enjoin them.

So how can I nurture that in 2013?  Well, just keep on keeping on...

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