Sunday, December 2, 2012

Reverb12-Day Two- Blog Find of the Year

Day Two :Blog Find of the Year (Inspired by Gwen Bell): Share the love — which blog did you discover this year?

I read many blogs.  I am always on the lookout for new blogs.  I may find one post that interests or amuses me, so I add them to my RSS Feed. Then, if no longer amused or interested or I can't remember who or what they are, I delete.

I stumbled across The Mediocre Athlete in June, and giggled my way through an afternoon in an airport reading back posts. She doesn't post too often, but the humor is pretty funny when she does.

Best new blog that I found would have to be Brendan Leonard's

Although I didn't realize it, I was already familiar with his writing because he has been a contributor to the Dirtbag Diaries for  years.  "The Mobil" was one of my favorite DD podcasts, even before I knew Leonard penned it.

Brendan Leonard is an outside guy, not a runner, he's a climber.  His musings really resonate with me.  I hope you check him out and see if his humor and insights agree with you too.

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  1. My favorite blog is


    Thanks for sharing your Reverb!


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