Thursday, December 6, 2012

Running: Beautiful Day in the Valley

Today's 19 mile trail run made up for the rain soaked night time run of Tuesday night.

Overlook at the Ledges

I had a meeting in Medina in the morning. I originally was going to run in Hinckley, but when I looked at the map, and saw the Cuyahoga Valley National Park was just as convenient to drive to, and I knew the trails a bit better there.

I ran solo because I wasn't sure how long my meeting would last. I was done with the meeting before noon.  I realized I should get some food in my stomach before the run.  My first original thoughts of McDonald's fries, then Baskin Robbins ice cream, got turned into a Dunkin Donut coffee and chocolate chip muffin.  FAR enough calories to fuel me for an hour (or two) on the trails.

I had just been on most of these trails on Sunday with Dan and Todd, so that was helpful in estimating mileage, on where to run.  I did carry my map, which allowed me to find the bridle trail over to the Wetmore Trail for that 4 mile loop.

I only get on these trails in CVNP once or twice a year, during various runs and races, so most of them were vaguely familiar to me.  This was a good orienteering run because I do have "Run with Regis" Event coming up in January.

A nice 19 mile run that did much to cheer me up after that debacle of a run the other night.
No wonder the old school vampires were always so glum.  It must suck to just come out at night and miss all that nice happy sunshine!

"And, now!!"

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  1. Lovely photos of the trails. I really like night running, but I think this time of year, getting out in the sunshine is worth so much more because it's so scarce.


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