Saturday, December 8, 2012

Running: Sorry I Woke You

Reverb Day Seven was postponed yesterday just to sheer exhaustion.  A busy day at work, then I slogged my way through five miles on the treadmill....only to realize later, logging them, that it should have been six miles. 

I woke up, pretty tired.  But it wasn't raining. Then I checked the outside temperature-52 F?? Wow, the weather gods are throwing me a bone.  I get the outside clothes on.

It's still dark, since I started at 6am.  I run down the hill, into the creek bottom.  All of a sudden, I hear TWANG!! And the wire fence next to me is singing.  WTF?

Then I see the young cow in my headlight running down the road, in front of me.  Poor guy (or girl) I woke him up.  Scared him nearly as much as I was.  He (or she) finally finds an open wire in the fence and dives back inside the fence.

It's so much easier to run in the dark on my familiar backroads than the areas closer to work.  These  miles, coupled with a morning run and the daylight, made the 7.2 miles go fairly nicely.

I will have to get some iced tea for later in this work day, these miles may hit me later on.

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