Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Running: Today's Trail Run

Today called for a "harder" 8 mile run.

Well, first mistake was I forgot my trail shoes. Luckily, I was wearing an old pair of my road running Saucony trainers, so I decided to suck it up and run in them.

The trails at Salt Fork were a bit of a slick mess, and the road shoes tended to keep me from running fast on the downhills as it was so slick.

But the sun was shining, and it was daylight, and about 40 degrees, so all was good.

Two new pieces of gear on today's run:

A new headband! A merino wool headband from Smartwool. I love it!  (My hair is not as red as it appears here..)

I bought a SPI Belt the other day at Vertical Runner.  SPI is small personal item belt.  I was able to easily tuck my cell phone, car key, Zune, and one gel into the belt.  It was comfortable to wear also.  I have been wanting something to carry my phone and key in since starting to run in the dark now, that doesn't involve wearing a hydration vest.  The SPI Belt seems like it will work out nicely.

I am getting more interested in trying not to carry so much "stuff" around with me on runs.  I am thinking I want to run MMT with handhelds, instead of a bladder this year, especially so if I have crew.  So I am going to start running with handhelds, starting now, to get used to that again.

Speaking of Massanutten 100 Mile Trail Race, I got lucky in the lottery, was selected. I've paid for the race and I am now an official entrant.  I have big goals for this race, and I've actually already begun training for it. It's always nice to get that official "entrant" status to get the extra boost of training going.



  1. Oh my good luck with MMT it is supposed to be a great race. Have you run a 100 before? Im still trying to get that 50 yet.

  2. congrats on getting in to MMT, kim! i look forward to reading about your training.
    glad you like the spi-belt - we sell them at the running store where i work, so i appreciate reading your feed-back!

  3. Kimba! Congrats on going back to MMT, I'm sure you'll blow it out of the water this time around. I wanted to let you know i'm back in the run blogging game :) You'll have to let me know how you like the SPI Belt. I'm looking for something to take along for long runs. I can't decided if I want a small backpack or a larger waist pack. Just need room for a bit of calories, cell phone, etc. I've had some success running with a waist pack before (Mo 07) but I've seen some nice vests on the market recently.


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