Monday, December 10, 2012

Running: Today's Word: Dedicated

As it is my day off today, I went out for a 12 mile jaunt. I was originally going to the woods, but then my husband mentioned sushi for lunch so I decided to run closer to home.

Today is "trash day" here in Appalachia.  We don't have trash service here.  But on Monday, all the residents of Washington Township can deliver their trash to the township hall for free trash disposal. Yes, you have to haul your own.

So I am running down the road, toward the township hall, and a pickup pulls up next to me and slows down.

This old guy, who looks astonishingly like Gary Cantrell, grins at me and says "boy you have to be dedicated to be out in this today!"  (It's pouring rain.)  I laugh and say "no you have to be crazy".  It was nice to get a shout out.

A pretty good steady run, kind of contemplative in the deserted roads and overcast skies.  My left knee has been giving me a little bit of pain lately, probably just due to the increase in running I have been doing.

Unlike the rain misery of the other night, this run was close to home, in daylight, and I was wearing the appropriate clothing-a rain jacket and a visor, so there was an entire mood shift there.

I hope we are leaving soon for sushi, I am starving!

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  1. Funny you mentioned about the person telling you you're crazy...I was just looking back at some of my older blog posts a couple days ago and read this one :) -


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