Saturday, January 5, 2013

Attitude Adjustment

 I am downstairs on my treadmill, just past mile 7 of an 8 mile run.  I'm running slightly under a 10 minute per mile pace, which I have maintained for the entire treadmill run.  I am getting this run in ahead of working a 10 hour work shift.  I realize I have jumped over (well figuratively, it's hard to jump on a treadmill) a hurdle.

It's amazing how you can move past mental obstacles, with just a little push. 

In the past, I rarely exercised on my "weekend to work".  It's tiring to work on your own for two shifts.  I am tired toward the end of the work day, and at home at night.  So I have in the past just not bothered working out.  I'm doing enough by working, right?

 Now I have a running schedule, which has me running 6 or 7 days a week.  Which includes my weekend to work.

I figure out how to do it. What time I need to get up, have my lunch made ahead of time, stuff ready to go.

I find it is not "that hard" to do.  I CAN get up early, and go run.  I just had to step over that mental speed bump. 

I also wasn't sure I could maintain the running pace that I did for the run.  I did! 

Do you need to give yourself a little mental push???



  1. Congrats on the TM run! That is just something that I can't do. Or haven't done for years anyhow.

  2. Way to go Kim and happy belated birthday!! Tim


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