Friday, January 4, 2013


I mapped out today's run using the gmap-pedometer website.  This allows you to trace a route over roads, so I can cobble together enough mileage.

The plan was to run the regular dirt road, but then take 1st Horseshoe Bend Road, over to Rt 258, then hop onto 2nd Horseshoe Bend Road, and run my "normal route" in reverse.

The run started out just fine.  About 24 degrees F, exactly what I ran it in last night, about 20 hours earlier.
Prettier in the daylight.

So the route in red is what I was supposed to take.  The green line is where I went.

I essentially took the first "right" instead of the second "right".


But I haven't been up First Horseshoe Bend Road in, over a year or so.  I had a couple landmark houses and curves in the road, so I kept running, thinking I would come across those, really soon.

Then I came around a bend, saw this spectacular barn, and knew I was not where I wanted to be!

But where had I blundered off the road? Had I missed the side road?  (At this point,  I had not realized my mistake.)  How does one get lost on a road??

I even stopped and turned the "location" feature on my phone on.  But since I was out in rural Appalachia, the phone didn't pick up a signal right away, and I decided to just retrace my steps.

Back on my original "route"  I laughed out loud as I realized I had not even got to First Horseshoe Bend Road yet.

Despite the gorgeous day out there, I was not feeling the love. My upper body was very stiff and sore.  I think this was due to the night run of Wednesday. I tend to hold my upper body still, and I think the ice covered roads tenses me up quite a bit.

I also didn't have much energy, even though I had just eaten lunch prior to running.  Maybe it was due to the night run just too soon, or maybe I should have eaten a bit more.  I was pretty fatigued and sore after this run.  It only came up to 12 miles when the schedule called for 14, but I didn't want to run on the state route, with the snow piled high.  When the cars come by, there is now no berm at all, just snow banks.

So, it is what it is. 12 instead of 14.  I did enjoy seeing that blue sky against all the white snow out there.


  1. pretty winter pictures

  2. Sounds like you had a good attitude about it and at least you had nice country roads to run on. Pretty!


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