Sunday, January 13, 2013

Run for Regis Half Marathon Report

This was the 9th annual Run for Regis Event organized by Tanya Cady.  This run is to honor Regis Shivers Sr, who was a local trail/ultra runner who passed away several years ago to cancer.

Regis was very local to me.  He, along with Roy Heger, were my first running mentors.
Kim & Regis, Grist Mill, Mohican, 2006
All proceeds from the event go to a cross-country runner scholarship at West Lafayette High School and to the Fisher House.

It's called an "event" because Tanya doesn't give awards for first, second third.  Everyone gets the same swag, whether you run 5 miles, 13, or 50K distance.  You can change distance through out the race.  You don't get your swag until you finish your distance and report you are done to Tanya.

This years swag was a Patagonia back pack, and a Buff!!

The 2012 Run for Regis was 7 degrees F.  This year, it was 65 F at  the start.

The schedule called for me to "only" run the 1/2 marathon.  I was pretty happy about that.  One, with all the ice melted on the trails, it would be a mudfest later in the day for the 50K runners.

The National Park had made Tanya change the start to a "staggered start" of 50 runners at a time.  This years course consisted of a 5 mile loop and an 8 mile loop.  1/2 Marathoners started on the 8 mile loop while 50K runners went to the 5 mile loop first.  This was helpful in keeping down congestion on trail.

I started in the third "wave" and actually was about the tenth person back, on purpose.  I knew the trail would quickly hit a downhill, and I can run downhills fast, and I didn't want to get to get stuck behind more cautious runners.  I had worn my screwed shoes since they can also help with mud situations.

I ran the first downhill hard, and just continued to run hard.  It felt good to be able to just run fast on a trail!  After this past week of caution, slipping, sliding, slogging through ice and snow.  I felt lots of this loop was very runnable.

I finally looked at my watch and was surprised to see I had already run 4 miles.  Wow, that seemed to go by effortlessly!  I should probably take a gel now!

The 1/2 marathoners were kind of spread out and I didn't know any of them that I either passed or passed me. (Most of my friends were running the 50K on the other loop...)  This was also good for me, as I didn't slow down to chit chat, I was out for a run!

Back to the start/finish, drink a cup of Coke, grab 2 cookies., now just a 5 mile loop to go.   I had just run on all these trails a month or so ago, so it was good to be familiar with the area.  I had a sick headache going, I think due to overheating!

I came into the finish area, told the officials  I was done at 2.42.  I didn't remember until afterwards it was the 'staggered start' time so my time is really 2.38 or so.  Very pleased with this effort today.  I ran hard when I could, power-hiked/stomped up some slick muddy hills, and ran down all the hills.

I got to see many friends out there today.  With this great weather today, I feel like this was our little "reward" for the last few weeks of training in the snow/ice/dark!

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  1. Nice run, Kimba! I too appreciate the warm spell. It's a nice break, even if our bodies are confused by the sudden heat factor!


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