Tuesday, January 8, 2013

This week/Last Week

I started out with an epic birthday post but never got around to finishing it.

A pretty low key birthday.  It was Sunday, I worked all day, and was really tired.

My husband made me my birthday dinner Monday, my day off.  I got a trail run in, and was not productive other than that all day.

The huge porterhouse steak put me in a food coma and I was out early.

I was also out early because I got up at 445 AM to go run.

I had six miles to run and an 11 hour work day.  And with the people who were working with me that day, I knew it would be busy and draining.  So there was no way I was going to go run 6 miles at 730 PM.

So I got up early and ran them on the treadmill. At 515 am.

I watched the part of the second episode of this year's "Biggest Loser".   The doctor guy was talking to one of the contestants, and while I don't think really highly of the doctor, something he said to the contestant really resonated with me.

To paraphrase, he asked the contestant "if you had a lymphoma, (cancer) would you take two hours out of your day for a chemotherapy infusion".  The contestant said of course.  Then the doctor said something about taking care of his obesity disease (or something like that) why wouldn't you take care of that disease?

Really, think about it. We would have radiation treatments or chemo treatments that take 30 minutes or one hour to treat a cancer in our body.  So why wouldn't you spend one hour treating your body for that obesity disease on/in your body? 

Back to the last week/this week.  I  always recap my week of running.  As last week happened,  I thought I was having a real lackluster week. In fact, I would have given it a C+.  But once the week was over, I was pretty pleased.  I nailed all my workouts. I didn't give up due to the snow/ice/cold/dark. Sure, my long run was kind of a stinker, but I guess not *all* runs are good. (It's just most of mine are..)

This week so far has been good.  Really good.  Even the 5 am treadmill run.  I am finding my speed HAS increased just through my consistency in training.  The treadmill is not my favorite, but it is a good marker for a pretty impartial rating of my running.  There's no light/darkness/ice/snow/heat/dogs that impact my normal neighborhood loop.

I'm pretty stoked for Sunday's race..or run/event.  It is the 9th Annual Run for Regis Event.  When I am around for this, I usually run the 50K.

This year, the schedule calls for just the 1/2 marathon..because the following weekend is the MLK MMT Training Weekend!  Which calls for a 50K on Saturday and marathon distance on Sunday.

I'm kind of looking forward to "just" running 13.1 miles.  I can then change clothes and hang out for a bit and have a bit of a social life for a change.

AND, it could be in the forties or perhaps even the 50 degree temperature range...for January, in Ohio?  We can only hope!


  1. I like that "would you take 2 hours out of your day for chemo if you had cancer?" approach!

    My big race this year is Laurel Highlands 70M. I am hoping to talk you and some of the gang into a "gate to 8 x 2" run this spring!

  2. Hi,

    I have a quick question about your blog, would you mind emailing me when you get a chance?




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