Saturday, January 12, 2013

Winter Respite

After the snow and ice buildup from the day after Christmas through the New Year, Ohio has now been hit with a warming trend.  The temperatures today soared into the low fifties.  Much of the snow except for the north slopes are now gone.  Lots of ice on roads and trails have melted.

My schedule called for a seven mile run. Even though it was short, I thought I would go to Salt Fork State Park and run there.

It began raining heavily as I drove there.  The temperature, per the cat thermometer, fluctuated between 42 and 47.  Hey! Where was my fifty degree day?

It stopped just as I arrived which allowed me to change into my screwed trail shoes, and get my windbreaker with hood on.  Then the rain continued!

The bridle trail that I started on was just a stream.  Wow, my feets were very very cold.  I continued, though, figuring my feet would warm up.

It's still raining heavily.

I hop over to a  hiking trail, which is more up on the hillside and draining much better.  Then I absently continue to follow the blue hiking trail, and come to a huge tree down on the trail, pretty much blocking it.  I look around. This area was hit hard by the freak derecho storm of June 29.  Many trees are snapped off at the same elevation.  The park has been cutting trees here, and there is a faint logging trail, so I go off piste and start up the logging trail.
That was a mistake, since I sink in soft mud with every step.  There's no running or fast walking here, it's post holing through mud.  But it leads me to the campground road, and I stop at the restroom to refill my water bottle.

I notice a sign behind the restroom/showers that says "Main Trail to Beach".  Huh! I've never seen this sign before (I don't usually stop at this restroom.)  So I resolve to follow it.

It's more of a clearcut powerline down to the beach area, I recognize it immediately, I pass this on a trail at the bottom of the hill.   Now I have lost momentum with my run, so I go downhill. It's very steep. This may be good for hill repeats but I am thinking the small bushes are probably very thorny as they grow.

I splash through a big culvert, and am now on the beach road-where my  vehicle is parked at the end.  I decide to run over to the beach at Salt Fork. I've never been over there before.

I follow the concrete path till it ends, then I cut over, on the beach.  I run along, on the beach.  There is a little fog, with the rain hitting the remainder of the snow, causing heavy condensation.

Even with my beach detour, I'm only at five miles, but I decide I am done, I can't see what two more miles is going to do for me this day.

Today (Saturday) is a scheduled day off from running! Tomorrow is the "Run for Regis" event.  I am running the 1/2 marathon (as opposed to the 50K).  I am pretty happy about running the shorter distance, with all the melted snow and ice, it's going to be a slogfest out there!

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  1. We have about the same weather here in PA. I am enjoying the warm after snow deal. But you are right, so much mud!


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