Friday, February 15, 2013

Favorite Podcasts

I listen to a bunch of podcasts.  I listen to them in the car and out on runs.  Most of these podcasts are focused toward endurance and outdoor sports-running, triathlons, climbing.

The Dirtbag Diaries:  Real Life Stories from Fitz Cahall.  Outdoor stories about..everything.  Some are very short, some long.  If you like the outdoor life, you will appreciate the Dirtbag Diaries.

Marathon Talk :  Martin Yelling and Tom Williams create a very well produced weekly podcast on marathon running. There is a featured interview each week, and there are recaps of the big marathon weekends.

IM Talk Bevan James Eyles and John Newsom host this triathlon podcast from New Zealand.  I'm a triathlon groupie; I have no interest myself in learning how to swim or really ride my bike,but I could tell you who won at the World Championships, who the top pros are, what races are coming up.  It's a weekly show with interviews also.  Although it is a triathlon podcast, I think an endurance athelete would enjoy this.

Talk Ultra  an ultra running podcast!  And it is Euro-based, so that is cool to get some different intel on running outside of the US.  Ian Corless is the host of this, with usually 1 or 2 interviews, and usually with some interviews pre-race and post-race.

Endurance Planet: this podcast has gone through some owners and format changes over time. I like the current set up, with Tawnee Prazek, usually joined by Lucho.  Every second or third episode is "ask the ultra runner (Lucho) so that is interesting

Zen and the Art of Triathlon:  I have listened to Brent Blanckner's podcast for years! It's one of the oldest triathlon podcasts out there.  Sometimes there is an interview, many times it's just Brett taking us along with him on his training

Trail Runner Nation:  A newer lively podcast centered on the West Coast (of the US) usually pretty interesting, focused on trail running and ultras.

The Enormocast:  It's a podcast about rock climbing.  No, I do not rock climb.  Nor do I bike or swim, yet I listen to triathlon podcast.  Chris Kalous is very entertaining.  His shows are usally with an interviewee;  there was a great 2 part interview with Hayden Kennedy after the big Compressor Route controversy.

The Three Non-Joggers:  Ostensibly a "running" or even an "ultra interest" podcast, but the guys don't talk so much about jogging..but their potty humor is pretty funny

Running with the Pack:  I've also listened to Allen Gyorke, now with Stevie Rocco as co-host, since he began his podcast a few years ago. Very enjoyable

Dirt Dawg's Rambling:  Mike Croy is a runner from the Detroit area; his podcasts reflect what he is up to at the moment; sometimes training for an ultra, running a marathon, speedwork;  his best episodes are when the wife drops in!

The Competitors:  Bob Babbitt and Paul Huddle have been doing this for years; they always have the big names in triathlon and running on their show

Embrace Running:  I stumbled across Elena and Mark's podcast and enjoy it.  They just talk about their week in training, what races they have done and the experiences that they have.

Do you have any running/outdoor podcasts you think I would enjoy listening to?


  1. OMG, Chris Russell's RunRunLive podcast is fantastic. Inteviews with anyone you can think of who is a runner/ultrarunner, including The Penguin, Scott Jurek, fun intro songs and transitions -- amazingly well done.

  2. Do you listen to Podcasts on your runs? I've been a little fearful of doing so on the trails...did you simply get used to this, if you're like me?
    Astrid at vttrailgirl

  3. Strong rec for (avail on itunes also). I've only just started feeling the pull of ultras (marathon/halfs my current distance)so in that learning/exploring phase but I love these guys - they do great interviews and get lots of big names, great vibe and sense of humor. They also show up at races (even if not running them) and do things like trying to interview pre/post race (Western States for example). They also do a great weekday email with interesting links.

    For non-ultra/trail, I listen to RunnersConnect, RunnerAcademy, AnotherMotherRunner and have downloaded but not yet listened to TheRunnersRoundtable.

    I'll have to check out some of the ones you have listed above.

  4. Here is a new one based in the East Coast of the US. DFL Ultrarunning, podcasts are at (itunes as well) and also has a FB page- DFL Ultrarunning.


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