Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dog Trauma

I got home from work at 930 pm last night to...two dogs. Not three.  I went into a panic, yelling around the house, thinking, someone stole my dog.
I went into the house, and methodically went room to room.  I went downstairs, and opened the back door, and there was Alice.
I was so relieved to see her.  Then I noticed the blood on her front legs, and thought, great, she's got into a dog or coyote fight.
Then she could not walk, and I really freaked out. Well, inside I freaked out.  I got her inside the room, and ran up to grab the phone and the vet phone number-always on a magnet on our frig. 

The vet-bless our vet, he and the staff really rock-met me at the clinic at 11 pm.  Alice does not seem to have any major trauma, internal injuries, head injuries.  She has a puncture wound under her left armpit, and doesn't not want to put any weight-at all-on. 

My husband is out of town (of course!!) so I called my dog sitter, who thankfully came over and carried Alice back into the house for me.

We (me and the other two dogs) slept on the floor next to Alice in the living room.

Alice is okay.  She is in pain. She has sat up when a buggy goes by outside, but then her pain in her front leg kicks in and she lays back down. I have not gotten her outside for the bathroom yet, but she has not shown much interest in getting up.

I'm going to have a real quiet day here at the house.  Sometimes that long run on trails gets cancelled.  I may try to see about doing several treadmill runs while I watch over my girl.

I still have no idea how she got out, or what happened to her.  The vet does not think she got hit by a car, or a dog fight.  I thought maybe she got hung up on the fence somehow.  It rained overnight, so I can't really see any fur or blood on the fence.  She jumped the fence somehow-I found her outside the fence.

I am very very thankful she is still here. I really thought someone had taken her. Then I wasn't sure exactly what was wrong with her, no broken bones or major trauma.

My other two dogs were such good troopers too, behaving themselves for the main part.

Everyone is resting comfortably right now.  It looks like I may even get a nap in today, probably on the floor, next to my Alice.

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