Saturday, March 30, 2013

Junk Miles

It was inevitable that this would finally happen. Yes, even the trail goddess has a bad run every now and then.

Of course, this WAS road miles, but still.

This was been an unstructured week for me, meaning just see how the body feels. I walked/jogged Sunday, walked on Tuesday, and ran my 10K loop on Thursday.

Friday I got out of work unexpectedly early. Great, I can get the dogs out for a walk, go for a run, get my seedlings re potted, have dinner with the hubby.  I was tired driving home from work, but hey, when am I not?  I briefly thought about not running. I dismissed the thought.  Just because I don't have miles written down for me, that's no excuse for not running. Besides, I was not planning on running Saturday due to the 10 hour work day.

After the dog walk, I started out, just going to do 4 miles around the block. Ugh I did not feel it. Legs were heavy, I was tired, I felt I was just shuffling along. Looking at the Garmin, I was just shuffling along. I walked up the first big hill-that should have been my first clue.

Instead of running around the block, I decided to run an out and back. I just felt awful. Like I was some newby runner out there. No energy. Quads still ached a bit on the the downhills.  But I kept going.

I was never so happy to hear the Garmin beep at mile two, and I turned.  I reflected on the definition of junk miles, something like this:  Junk miles: Miles added into your training plan with no purpose other than to increase your mileage count.

Yep. I think I am guilty of junk miles on this run. The idea of a week with only one run, and less than 10 miles on it spurred me out the door.  Did I gain anything from these four miles?  I don't think so.  I should have just gotten my seedlings re potted and put my legs up and rested.

Oh well, a new day and almost a new month!  April is finally almost here, and maybe the ice and snow are gone for the year. I am anxious to get some runs on dry dirt and roads, in daylight! where I can get a better idea on my pace and speed!

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