Sunday, March 17, 2013

Making Lemonade

This weekend sucks.

I know it could be MUCH worse, I do know that. My dog could have been dog napped. Or she could have been hit by a car.

Alice is feeling much better.  She is sitting up, and is perky, and she wants to look out the window-she is putting her good right front leg up on the couch and looking out the window over the coach-yes, she is that  big.

But now, whenever I go downstairs, Alice starts caterwauling.  I am not sure whether I am even going to get a treadmill run in.

The other two dogs are troopers.  But they are also pent up, as they have not gotten their long walk in yesterday or today.  They've been pestering me too for attention.

So I am resolved to try and forget I am an endurance athlete training for an event in less than 70 days.  Maybe I should just try and forget a workout today (although, as I type this, I am sitting here in complete workout clothes, in case the dog falls asleep and I can sneak downstairs.)

I should focus on what I have gotten done this weekend without going to the woods for hours-two loads of dishes in the dishwasher, 4 loads of laundry, logged in all the wine we bought in Cinti; cleaned up the guest room; figured out some more of this new-fangled Windows 8;  cleaned up my office and did some filing.

The dogs and I also did not eat much this weekend, and I actually drank less alcohol.  I guess that means I drink more from happy occasions than when I am down.

I've got HUGE amounts of sleep.  I got eight hours on Friday night, and ten hours Saturday night. Now I did sleep on the floor next to my dog, but that really did not bother me too much.

Training?  That's what I need to ignore.  I have told the coach what is going on.  I have a training schedule for the coming week, but that was before Dog Trauma Drama.  I've got some alternate plans, but these all have to wait and see what is on the husband's plate when he returns tonight.

I've never looked forward to a Monday so much.

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  1. Hope Alice heals quickly.



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