Friday, March 8, 2013

Multi Tasking Run

We all do it. Usually because we have to. I'm in my time crunched set of days.  I had a haircut scheduled at ten. But I had ten miles to run on the calendar.  I drove to town, got my hair cut, then parked the car at the grocery store, and ran home.

 This takes me on some back roads, off the state route.

 This is a cool gate, bad picture. It says "Stony Hill Farms" and below it "Hello There".
I spotted another spot for potential daffodil rescue in a few weeks.

Southern Ohioans like their baskets.

 Climbing back up to the ridge...hence the name Stocker Ridge Road
Crossing the interstate

 We think a pipeline is going through here.  This is a new clear cut.  I live on top of the Marcellus and Utica Shale Formation.
A very pretty lady out and about

Barn down the road.

No pics from the last mile or so of the run, I glanced down at my watch and saw I could run 10 miles under 2 hours if I stopped screwing around.

A pretty good run.  The hamstrings were still tight from the Tuesday treadmill run.   One of these days I will actually stretch instead of talking about stretching.

Now it is off for the Cincinnati Wine Tasting Weekend, where I will see if I can squeeze just one run in on Saturday morning..

Oh yeah, we then drove back to town, got some last minute food for the road, and drove the second vehicle home!


  1. Looks like a gorgeous area for a run. And yes, I've done the multi-tasking of running between errands or dropping the car off to get an oil change, then running home. It works!

  2. Remind me to show you the stretch that Pinball's coach is having him do.
    Simple and very effective.


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