Friday, March 1, 2013

Off and Running

Well, not me yet, I'm still recovering. The bruises are fading,  the legs feel pretty good, but I am still fatigued.  I just have not  had the opportunity with getting enough rest.  I worked Monday (should have taken the day off) and it was a struggle.  Since then, I have worked 10 hours, came home, tried to get to bed early, but still waking up tired.

So what did I do tonight, after work?  Painted the top half of our bathroom shower stall.  There was an area which needed spackled, which had been bothering me I finally spackled it, and then painted. Now I'm really tired.

The off and running is actually the weekend schedule for the next few months for my husband and I. It started last weekend.  If I am "at home" for the weekend, the husband is not.  I was gone last weekend, he is gone this weekend, then we're both at the Cinti Wine Festival next weekend, then he is gone, then I am gone, repeat, repeat, repeat.  

Repeating all the way into June now, with weekends booked, now I am starting to think about the fall, what I want to do, and how can I get a reservation and weekend away to the French Laundry?

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  1. Guess what?
    The French Laundry is a place to eat.
    That is not what I pictured.


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