Monday, April 8, 2013

A spring run!

I eyed the temperature reading rather dubiously..50 degrees, really, at 7am?  It just doesn't seem right.  All weekend long, the temperature read in the 50's and it still seemed like the 40's.

But I decided to go with the skirt anyways.  And a short sleeved shirt, but with Moeben arm warmers.

It wasn't too bad out, but as I dropped off the saddle, into the creek valley, it got colder. I wished for my gloves.

But as I ran, I warmed up.  I hit the creek bottom, and climbed up the rough dirt road to the other side.  This is a good little out and back, and it's downhill to the creek bottom, up the valley to the  other side, and back again, so good up and downhill.

As I hit the turn around, I realized I felt great.  I really hit the downhill, enjoying the dry dirt, remembering when it was slick icy snow.  I hit the creek bottom.  I ran UP the hill on the other side. 

I turned onto the normal side road and still felt great. Ran all the other uphills (and the flats too) home.

You know it's a good run when you don't want to stop.

Happy Monday.

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