Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Sometime Friday night, I got a tickle in the nose and began sneezing.  Oh great, I'm getting a head cold right before my Mohican Run.

But I felt fine on my run. Came home, and commenced to sneezing and feeling like crap again.

Sunday I felt like crap all day too.  But somehow, late Sunday, I realized, hey maybe it's allergies, not a head cold!

Allergies to what?  Nothing is in bloom here. Then I remembered the cut flowers in the vase in the living room. Ah, that's the culprit! Promptly threw them over the hill.

Monday morning, still sniffling and sneezing.  I get to work, and all symptoms (almost) go away. Yeah, there is some environmental allergy at work here.

Today I check as I do every day. (I don't know why, half the time they are wrong..) and sure enough, their site says HIGH POLLEN COUNT for my area.

Huh? From what?  I still don't see what is aggravating my body, but something is, and the "experts" say that

pollen is out there somewhere.

What can you/I do about it?  There are three non-sedating antihistamines on the OTC market-Claritin, Zyrtec, Allegra.  Which one is best?  Which ever one works for you.  I usually buy whatever is lowest price in the generic form. 
I tried the Zyrtec (cetirizine) on Sunday, which did not help really.  It was also out of date (past its expiration date).  So Monday I bought and started on the Allegra.  This has really help alleviate my symptoms, I just have a tickly nose right now.

The weather forecast for today is around 80 degrees today.  This is one of the days that I hope they get "half right"!!

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