Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I was at work when my co-worker's phone went off.  "oh my, bomb explosions at the Boston Marathon" he told me.  Huh.  Boston? Marathon? I grabbed my phone.

This has been about the most useful Facebook has been; runners posting their status that they were okay.

As far as I know, everyone I know who was running Boston is fine.

I don't really have words. I saw some of the horrific pictures.  I saw the video of the one explosion. Then I turned off the TV to avoid upsetting myself further.

I'm not a road runner. Sure, someday I would like to run Boston, but I'm a dirt trail runner.

But I do understand that for a runner, Boston is the golden ticket, the magic.  People work very very hard to get "their BQ"  Boston Qualifier, if you don't know.  A "BQ" is a very big deal.

In the last two years, the BAA has tightened up the time requirements, and rewarded the faster runners to sign up first.  So it has become more of a challenge, first to just qualify, and then be able to enter the race!

And regardless of whether I am a dirt runner, and you are a road runner, we're all runners.  This has hit my community and I am shaken.

Running is a happy activity. Running is a healthy activity.

 Running marathons are a triumphant.  Running The Boston Marathon is a huge triumphant, the cherry on the sundae, the 26.2 miles of reward after your hard hard work to get there.  It shouldn't be taken away with fear and grief.

So how do we recover from this? Is this too soon of a post to talk about recovery, when the trauma has just occurred?

I've been very down, and depressed this afternoon, with all this news.  But isn't that "WHOMEVER" wants?  For me to change, due to circumstances out of my control?

Isn't that why the bomb was to blow at 4.09, a popular marathon finishing time, at the most famous marathon, where the finishing line is continuously being filmed?

The social media world says to wear a race shirt today, or Boston colors, and go for a run.

I'm not going to. I did not plan on running today; I am determined to rest up and recover well from my 50K on Saturday.  I'm not changing my plans. 

Would I like to go for a run? Yes, I would, I would like to be in a big posse of my friends, running a trail somewhere, or cutting off the trail and hopping over rocks and sliding down a hill. I don't want to run alone.

This is a pretty badly written and organized post, but I'm going to hit the publish button anyways.

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