Thursday, April 11, 2013

Calories for the next 50K

I am running the Glacier Ridge 50K Ultra, an actual race, with a bib number, aid stations, and a finish line this weekend.

This race is just a training run for MMT.  I will be carrying a little more than I need to for a 50K race, as I want to train like I will race for MMT.

Calorie pictures are quite different for a self supported 50K vs a regular 50K race.

9 hour self supported 50K fuel
 No, I didn't actually eat all this for that 50K!

Seven hours or less 50K race

I will start the race with 400 calories of maltodextrin in my handheld.  I believe I may carry one of the EFS (400 calories) with me.

Goal time for the race: 1) finish sub 8.  When I ran this in 2011, I ran an 8.06.  2) finish sub 7. Can I do this? I have no idea. I should be able to. That is the plan.

So, if I run 7 hours, I need 200 calories X 7= 1400 calories.

Start the race off with a belly full of food. I might drink half a  Boost right before the race starts.  I will use a Boost a few times during MMT.  I drank one right before my 17 mile Mohican run Saturday, and it sat well in my stomach. Or maybe I will eat a peppermint patty or two.  Anyways, I plan on getting 200 calories or so right before race starts. 

1400 calories minus 400 MD- minus 400 EFS shot=600 calories minus200 calories from pre race breakfast, so 400 calories to glean off an AS. 

Do I need all this for a 50K? Not really.  But it's all practice calories, practice eating for the longer race.  Time is getting short, need to have the dress rehearsals for the big show!

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