Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Heat Acclimatization Time

I got out for my run about ten thirty, it was getting nice and warm out.

I ran in a skirt and a short sleeved technical shirt-actually an Umstead 100 Race shirt, as my friend Jen had just finished her first 100 mile race there this weekend.

Wheweee, you kind of forget the heat when it's not been there.  Run was okay, felt kind of sluggish but glanced at my Garmin and was going faster that I thought.

I wore my Ultraspire waist pack which holds one bottle. I think that is what I will try out this weekend at GRT 50K.

I'm still dithering around on how to carry hydration and nutrition for the early miles of MMT. I want to go as minimalist as I can; I don't really want to wear a vest. I've got three different bottle carrying options these days.

Since I shredded one of my pairs of La Sportiva Raptors, I was a little short for trail shoes for MMT.  My next pair of Raptors already have a small tear in the top.  I will start the race in these shoes, but I sure will have a backup after The Reverse Ring incident.

The La Sportiva Raptors that I shredded are no longer offered. But they now have the Ultra Raptors, that I purchased.

I wore my new Ultra Raptors from La Sportiva  again today:
just to make sure they were comfortable. I think I will wear them on the GRT 50K also, just to see if they will work for MMT.  They seem very similiar to the Raptors, so I believe if I change shoes, these will be fine.

It's getting too close to race day to be trying out new shoes.   MMT is not a course or trail that I am comfortable "Trying" new shoes on race day.

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  1. But you would try new shoes at the Ring or RevRing.


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