Thursday, April 4, 2013

Poor Prior Planning

You may know this saying: "Poor Prior Planning leads to Piss Poor Performance" or in my case, an outside run.

 I am very organized. But sometimes I miss an item..a crucial item.. I packed my gym bag for a run after work on Wednesday. I even packed both trail and road shoes, as I was undecided on where to run, after work.
 At lunch time, at work, I sorted through the bag, so I could do the speed work clothing change... and discovered all the clothing and two pairs of shoes, but no running bra. Game over.

Ugh. Now my worst scenario. Going HOME first, then going running.  How to best manage that?

I am okay, if my Plan is to go home, then jump on the treadmill. I can do that relatively quickly, come home, greet the dogs, greet the husband, change clothes, I'm on the treadmill in fifteen minutes or less.

The schedule calls for seven miles; I'm willing to swing six for seven. But how to do it? In tiny little mind breaks at work, I'm assessing various road routes from the house.  My normal 10K loop isn't going to do it, isn't there something more fun, more epic, more inviting?

No, actually there isn't. Now I'm having misgivings about the whole freaking run, sheesh I've worked ten long hours, now I got to run 6 (or 7 actually) at 7 pm???  How about I just blow off this day!???

But-back to having a coach again-he's going to want to know why I took a zero day. Not feeling it? Legs heavy, too tired, yeah, I think those could have been valid excuses. Just "cause I didn't wanna" didn't seem to be what I wanted to type in that email. Especially on an easy running week, where the coach and I are both watching the dead leg  issue.

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The path of least resistance led to the treadmill. I ran my six miles. Not well; my head was not into it. However, the legs felt fine, and I didn't see any reason to quit. It would have been harder to deal with my psyche if I had quit after four miles.

Today will be seven miles, "trail miles" I think you could call them. I am going to run out on the trail which leads out from Newcomerstown toward Stone Creek. It's a rough cinder trail, which I believe one day could be asphalted. This was an old railroad track bed, so it's pretty flat. I've got a dentist appointment and a haircut scheduled before this, so this was the best way to plan in a "trail run" and errand running.

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