Wednesday, April 3, 2013


This was supposed to my weekend for another Ohiopyle 50K, but I changed plans on Monday.

Last week was slow recovery. I didn't really get the stiffness out of my legs until Thursday. Last weeks runs were pretty lackluster, including my "junk 4 miles" and then another sluggish run on Monday.

I reported that all back to the coach, and I was surprised when he said  either cut the mileage on the  OP 50K effort or not do it at all.  He was concerned about the dead legs and did not want to see me dig a hole getting this close to MMT.

It did take several emails back and forth to convince me of course, but the  man has won 35 100 mile races, he does know what he is talking about, I will trust his judgement. :)

Now the plan is still a long run on Saturday, but with less hills, less mileage, and see how the legs feel.

Mohican was the best fit for this, going to hit the extremely runnable mountain bike trail for 15 to 20 miles.

I believe this is my reward for last week, as I go into my four day weekend:

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